Our concept artists are visual storytellers that explore the realm of possibilities for game design. They had some fun coming up with striking art for our pet project, Saín.⠀ ⠀

In an alternate reality, humans have expanded their reach beyond our known galaxy and fight for survival using ingenuity and the age-old practice of resource exploitation.

This human expansion to the cosmos revealed a rare, intergalactic lifeform whose flesh was declared to be the most valuable resource ever discovered.

Thus, the hunt for Saín began and it’s fervent pursuit became synonymous with death, destruction and reward.⠀

Paying homage to Basque hunters of the past, the mainstay spacecraft transporting the heavily armed crew on the hunt for Saín is known as the “Orio”.

Equipped with a distillation system and small cabin for analysis and storage, the Orio spacecraft is designed with a practical purpose in mind. To extract and distil the valuable Saín from the egg cavity of the galactic leviathan as quickly as possible.

Saín hunters must first venture out deep in the abyss where the violent creatures dwell. ⠀
Some are brave explorers seeking riches. Others are forced into the dangerous trade.

If the hunt is successful, Orio’s crew receives the precious vessel still wrapped in its protective shell and removes the flesh of the creature’s offspring, quickly, but delicately. Once the Saín is removed, it’s stored in cold vacuum chambers and the remains incinerated.

The alert and focused state of the crew onboard is nearly depleted but there is one final step before going home and reaping the reward of the kill. ⠀

The crew must navigate through a hostile environment filled with creatures ready to destroy anything and anyone who threatens their offspring. ⠀

Escaping with the spawn of the beast unnoticed is a victory worth celebrating. Being detected, however, means war. ⠀

But that is the risk humans are willing to take.⠀