March in the Valencian Community is a special time of year. It’s when the famous Fallas celebration takes place and the streets are filled with visitors, the smell of paella cooking on an open fire, towering sculptures and the deafening sounds of firecrackers. Many months of planning and preparation take place prior to the annual festivities so when government officials announced that it would be cancelled this year to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, many were outraged, some were relieved.

At elite3d, a few individuals in the operations department had the foresight to predict that the cancelation of the most important local holiday would only be the beginning of a long and treacherous road ahead.
So preliminary measures were taken to ensure that the well-being of our team and the future of the company would not be compromised even before the state of emergency throughout Spain was announced on March 13th.

Jose Luis Queral, Co-founder and Art Director recalls those early critical days:

“there were long nights without sleeping and tough decisions to take. It’s in these moments when you feel the huge responsibility that you have on your shoulders. It´s also in those difficult times when you realize who is there supporting you and there were a good bunch of people that stayed helping in the front line until the last moment. It’s thanks to those that we are here today, continuing our work and dealing with the situation in the safest possible way”.

Implementing secure system solutions which allow us to work from home (WFH) has not been easy but now that we have been at it successfully for over three weeks now, co-founder and CEO Oscar Ferrero confirms,

“everyone has set up quickly and restoring production really fast as if working from the studio. We are showing our clients that we are delivering the same quality at the same pace.”

However, Oscar admits that it’s “weird experiencing this and I miss being at the studio. I’m always around, talking to everyone and taking the pulse of (the team) when we are at the office.”

With all the communication channels at our disposal, Oscar and Jose remain as approachable as they have always been and remind us that we derive our strength by facing these challenges together as a team.

Oscar says,

“I’m confident that we will get through this and the company will be stronger than ever. But many shops and businesses will close indefinitely. Governments are going to need to revamp the economy as quickly as possible. We also have the important task of being one of the companies that remains afloat who keeps paying taxes and salaries every month”.

Fulfilling this responsibility is our main objective and despite being under a mandatory lockdown and the virus still wreaking havoc at a global scale, we are grateful to be able to utilize our capabilities for the greater good.

So, when March comes around next year, we hope to be celebrating Fallas to the fullest.